Giving You Mo Moderate: A Look Under the Hood

Giving You Mo Moderate: A Look Under the Hood

Welcome to our first ever product update! We have been hard at work building new tools to fight the trolls and bots on social media. Here’s what we’ve just launched:

Totally Revamped Design and Interface

We have totally transformed Moderate’s user interface, making it more colorful and easy to use. The new Moderate presents replies by giving more context, allowing you to better recognize negative interactions.

Here's what the new dashboard looks like, using our Bill Gates demo account:


We tried to make it easier for you to keep track of your progress by adding this analytics section. These stats include:

  • The number of Twitter mentions that Moderate has analyzed for toxic interactions, with a graph showing the number of Tweets over time
  • The number of negative interactions identified by Moderate
  • The number of Twitter accounts you have muted
  • The number of Twitter accounts you have blocked
  • How long it has been since you last updated Moderate

It all shows up in a cool little box like this as soon as you log in to Moderate:

Stronger, More Accurate Queue Algorithm

We have also improved our queue algorithm, helping to reduce the number of false positives, while also giving you the ability to control your filtering. This means you can now sort by priority, or by most recent, giving you a bit more control over how you Moderate. We have also added a feature that will allow you to manage those accounts you have already moderated- this means if you make a mistake, or choose to forgive an account, you can do that directly through Moderate.

Three New AI Models, New Behavior Classifiers

We have developed three new AI models to classify new behaviors not currently covered. One of these models, which became a priority for us at Moderate, was to target tweets associated with racist behaviors, which are now more accurately detected by Moderate. These new models should make Moderate far more effective, so you are more able to combat these negative behaviors from one place, saving you time (and mental strain).

That about wraps it up for our first update blog. We are still actively changing things, and open to any suggestions you might have. All the changes are now live on the current build of Moderate, so feel free to test them out and see if they make your life any easier. Thanks!